Line up  There are several factors which the coach has to face when he makes a line up for the next korfball match. With the help of the SWOT analysis the coach can get these factors clear.
SWOT means: Strengths; Weakness; Options; Threats.

The Internal Analysis: strengths and weaknessThe korfball coach should describe the offense capabilities (strengths and weakness) and the defence capabilities (strengths and weakness) of each player. Each player can be described in terms of Coordination; Cooperation; Communication and Control. In Dutch soccer, coaches use the terms: Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed (TIPS)

The External Analysis
The korfball coach should also describe the strengths and the weakness of the opponent.

The Options
The coach should investigate the offense options and defense options of his team.
Offense options: continuity of different patterns; rotation of roles (tiger; panther; wolf; bear)
Defense options: making use of defense systems and fit in different defense roles (guard; center; guerrilla)

The Threats
The coach should be aware where the opponent can get chances. He should anticipate where his team can be intimidated.

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