The Panther in the Line-up

Jorrit Bergsma and Marijke van den Berg are very good Panthers.
Photos: Elke de Gram en Peter Besemer

The Panther

The composition of the LINE-UP demands players to take on different roles. It is not very effective to play the attack with only (or too many) Tigers. These Tigers will become rivals instead o companions. The Panther is playing in the shadow of the Tiger. We could call him a “shadow striker” or a “shadow attacker”.

The capabilities of the Panther are:
* The Panther is a killer. This players shots are very successful. The number of attempts during a match are between 10 – 18. The scoring percentage is between 20 - 30%. So The Panther makes normally less shots than the Tiger during a match but his / her output is high and important for the total score.

* The Panther is not as good as a Tiger when fighting a duel with a Guard. The Panther makes profit of the pressure of the Tiger. When the Tiger is fighting in a duel, the Tiger asks attention of the defence. In these special moments the Panther can get a free position. The Panther operates at a tempo just behind or besides the Tiger. Normally he /she starts also 6-8 meters from the post.

* The Panther is always moving. This player tries to move in an area so that his Guard cannot see the ball or give to his opponent just a glimse of the position of the ball. The Panther can wait and can choose his/her moment for to kill. He / she has the patient to select the moments to go for a free position and go for a shot. The Panther is mentally always ready but he /she is prepared but he / she can wait. The Panther is aware that he / she does not get so many possibilities to strike. But when their is a chance the Panther is totally ready, in (mental and physical) balance.

* The Panther is also a very good passer. He/she can help the Wolf to transport the ball during the building up of the attack. With the long pass he/she can change the directions of the attack and also assist the Tiger, Wolf and Bear.

* During rotation of roles in the attack the Panther can chance his/her role with the Tiger and can also take the role of the Wolf. Rotation in the attack is necessary. Tactically rotation is very surprising for the defence, the danger is coming from unexpected sides. In attacks where players don’t rotate the roles, the structure of the attack is easily to understand for the defence.

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