The Wolf in the Line - Up

Photo 1: Cor Mantel (Stuntmantel) Photo 2: Willem Kracht

Photo 3: Wim de Brijne Photo 4: Lieke Meijling

The Wolf
The Wolf is the most social role in the attack. She/ He has a good feeling for the needs of Tiger and Panther. She / he is empathic and can imagine the time and space Tiger and Panther needs for their “final” action: a goal chance.
The Wolf can support the Tiger and Panther in the best way if she / he is able to operate as a killer too.

The capabilities of the Wolf are:

* The most important quality of the Wolf is feeding the Tiger and the Panther.
The second task is to be an important link when the ball is transported all around the division so that all the roles can come in their positions. During the building up of the attack The Wolf can prepare the timing / the moment to come to the best feeding position.

* The Wolf is a killer. But she / he needs this quality to prepare her core tasks: feeding Tiger and Panther and transporting the ball. The Wolf has a very good shot from the short distance around the post. It is very special if she / he makes more that 10 shots during a match. Mostly the number of shots are between 5 – 10. The scoring percentage from the area where she starts supporting Tiger and Panther is: 16 – 30 %.

* The Wolf who fakes to come in a feeding position ( = just in front of the post and on the line Tiger _______________Post) and brings her Guard in a position that the Guard has to make a choice: going for front defence or going for back defence and give 1-1, is a false Wolf. She / he brings the Guard in a trap. The false Wolf brings her Guard to a point of definitive choice. When the Guard makes the choice for front defence, the false and smart Wolf uses her his positioning for seizing a free shot position and goal chance.

* The Wolf starts to operate on the continue of the line / axis: Tiger ___________ Post. By doing that she / he forces the personal Guard to focus on her or when the Guard does not want to do that she / he can get a free position on the back side of the Guard.

* The Wolf is able to give a goal chance to Tiger or Panther by feeding in the right way. The right way is depending on the specials of the Tiger or Panther. She / he knows when to give the pass (timing and tempo) and how to give the pass (position, direction and speed). The Wolf knows exactly the needs of Tiger and Panther to come into a goal chance.

* The action radius seems not to be large. But she / he operates during building up as a crucial link. During building up she / he can pass the ball very precisely over long distances.

* The Wolf is mentally composed and calm. She can handle the stress of the Tiger and Panther. She is socially smart.

* The Wolf is mostly a player of average height.

* Mostly The Wolf is a female player.

* The best Wolf can rotate as a Panther. A few can fill in the role of the Bear because they have an unique body height

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