The Tiger in the Line- Up

Photo: Cor Mantel (Stuntmantel)

Photos: Elke de Gram

The Tiger

Before every match the coach has to compose a line up.
The core role in the line up of the attack is the role of the TIGER.
The capabilities of a TIGER are:

* The Tiger is a killer. In every match he/she scores. The top Tigers in the Dutch competition score about 4 - 6 goals in every match. (when free passes and penalties are included they score 7 – 8 goals in a match) Their average scoring percentage is 20 - 30 % (without the free pass and penalties). The Tiger does about 20 -30 shot attempts in a match. The goals by the Tigers made by free pass and penalties are 30% of his/her total scores.

* Mostly the Tigers are male players. In the Dutch competition there is also one excellent female Tiger who scores between 20% - 30 %. In 14 matches she scored 74 goals (also 20 goals by penalties and free passes included). It is a pity that there are so few female Tigers who can make structural decisive difference in matches.

* The distance shot of the Tiger is excellent. She/He scores are over 30% from a totally free position. Under high pressure of a good Guard the scoring can go down. But the excellent quality of the distance shot gives way for other scoring options like running in and all kinds of V-shots. The Tiger can play and vary between the distance shot, running-in and V-shots.

* The shot of the Tiger will be released high. This makes it difficult for the Guard to block the shot. In the Dutch competition top Tigers are mostly tall players ( 1.90 – 2.00 meters).

* The Tiger can 'finish' at every time or moment during the match. A Tiger can handle the pressure of having the obligation to score. This means that he/she can open the match and score at crucial moments when there is a maximum of pressure. Then the real Tiger can take the responsibility and go for the chance created by scoring. The Tiger has a good balance between what is demanded (by coach, other players or the public) and his/her confidence in what he/she will perform. The top Tiger can perform under high pressure. This player naturally has a positive perception of his/her capabilities.

* A Tiger is totally focused to on scoring. During a match he/she makes use of more than 20 scoring attempts.

* A Tiger can duel with every Guard and can make very effectively profit of the weak sides of the Guard. Duels between Tiger and Guard should produce free positions which can be used for scoring attempts. Such a fight between Tiger and Guard is characterized by high tempo and a lot of changes of tempi and directions. The Tiger is fast and always ready to change directions in a high tempo. When the Tiger comes into free position, he/she is able to collect himself/ herself and to come in the right balance for a successful shot.

* A Tiger likes the Wolf as assist. The Wolf is the best supporter for the Tiger, because this player knows the position, the moment and the direction the Tiger needs assistance in. The Tiger is fed by the Wolf. The Wolf should understand the actions of the Tiger. The Wolf can value these actions and give the effective and efficient cooperation and communication. Mostly the Tiger is not focussed on chances of the Panther, Wolf and Bear. The Tiger will not naturally play a double pass so that the Panther can finish the attack.

* The top Tiger, in free position about 3-6 meters from the post will not hesitate to go for the chance, even when there is no Bear for rebounding the shot. The Tiger sends out confidence in his/her capabilities.

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