Comment on article of Jan Fransoo: Qualifying for Olympics

One of the most visionary objectives in Korfball is: “Korfball in the Olympic sports program”.
Everyone understands that a tournament is very costly when at least 8 national teams participate and when the format of the sport is played in today, official discipline, (two zones, 8 vs. 8 and 8 more substitute players and a coach team of 4 persons).
The proposal put forward to achieve another discipline, I like that!
The idea, to go very compact though, seems exaggerated.

Four against four in one zone is a great concept that is suitable as a second official discipline.
But why should the playing time be shortened? Until now I never heard spectators complain that the matches in the Dutch Korfball League lasted too long. Furthermore, we know that decoration during a mach is very important. (See NBA)
I am sure that the format of 4 against 4, which is played in 4 slots of 15 minutes actual playing time will be a great success..
I would also like a rule of unlimited substitutes. There is the possibility of substituting the full line, 4 players replaced by 4 other players and also the coach can change one person.

I therefore advocate a new international format:
- Each team consists of 12 players.
- 4 against 4 in 1 zone with 2 baskets
- Time Played: 4 times 15 minutes pure playtime.
Of course I realize that even for this format when used in international tournaments, the costs will still be substantial.
But what do you think about the costs of soccer, water polo, field hockey and handball?

(BTW: The other day I heard another 'serious' idea: leave the principle of mixed. Go for a format of 3 against 3, separating men and women...)

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