KORFS VS BALLS (initiative by Bandor Nagy)

Hungary developed a great plan: a worldwide korfball competition. It is not complicated, not expensive and the Hungarians are ready to support us with ideas and advice on how to run this activity.
The IKF EXCO and the Organising Committee expect many countries will embrace the Hungarian idea. Strong youth means a strong future, take your responsibility and join with the other countries to participate in the International Youth Korfball Day.

International Youth Day Celebration
We will play korfball at 15 locations on 15 June in Hungary. At each location we will form two teams: the Korfs and the Balls (there will be several age groups at each location). We will tally the results of all the Korfs teams and the Balls teams aggregated, so it will be a country-wide korfball match between the two teams. We will have an interactive map where the visitors can see the results at each location, and by age group, including all the names of the players who played at that location. Next to the map, the big score board will show the progressive overall standings. At the end of the day we will have the final result between Korfs and Balls. We will also post pictures, videos and reports from each location.
Our goal is to have 15 locations, 50 teams and 1,000 goals scored in Hungary! We can also extend this project world-wide and invite other nations to take part also so we can make a worldwide korfball match, where we can aim for 1,000 locations, 5,000 teams and 100,000 goals!
Bandor Nagy

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